Board of Directors

It’s the profound knowledge & passion for the tobacco industry of each of our Board of Directors that the company has been able to flourish over the decades. Their eye for detail and the developed expertise has been responsible for the perpetual quality delivered by our company which has earned us the Government of India recognition.

‘We believe the sole purpose of our existence is to meet the customer specifications and to deliver customized solutions catering to the smallest needs of the clients. With the growing faith of the clients in our company, we are optimistic about maintaining great customer relationships globally.’

– Board of Directors


From left to right (Seated) – Dr. Abdul Kader Fazlani
From left to right (Standing) – Mr. Asif Fazlani, Mr. Iqbal Fazlani, Mr. Irfan Fazlani, Mr. Arif Fazlani, Mr. Faisal Fazlani, Mr. Imran Fazlani & Mr. Nadeem Fazlani