Our Farmers & Employees

Our People…Our Strength!

With a closely inter-connected network of over 5000 farmers with their profundity in agronomy and more than 2000 employees with vast experience of the industry, we have grown over decades and have been able to achieve goals walking the path of our vision.

To ensure exceptional relations with our farmers, we have introduced whole lot initiatives. One of them being, paying the farmers upfront at the time of delivery of crop/leaves. With this small but impactful initiative, we ensure that we have the first right to the best produce in any given year. Further, we update our farmers with latest technical knowhow on regular basis and train them with sessions with our agronomy experts and even provide them with best quality seeds to ensure better produce. To aid them financially, we even provide unsecured loans in hours of need.

We appreciate our employee’s commitment towards their work in more ways than one. We express our pride in working with them by giving the credit for the company’s consecutive top ranking in the industry in the form of regular appraisals, professional trainings and appreciation rewards. We show respect towards the Human Rights by not encouraging unethical practices like ‘Child Labour’. Rather we try curbing the same from the society with the educational initiatives that we take.

We care for the well-being of our employees, thus, provide the basic medical facilities for them at the work place, and have made provisions of Doctor-on-call for emergencies.