Our Farms

Our Farms … the reason for our Existence!

We are blessed with the most optimum climate for the tobacco cultivation. This coupled with the rich soil of Gujarat has been a perfect geographic condition for growing premium quality tobacco leaves for past several decades.

With the cultivation facilities spread over 500 Hectare of land in Gujarat, we are able to grow a wide array of rich tobacco leaves. We provide a varied range of seeds with the best quality and a better pace of germination to our farmers. We grow the prominent range of manufactured and un-manufactured Tobacco – Black Chopadia, Indian Calcutti, Lal Chopadia, Rustica, Ishfahan and more.

We believe it’s the nature that has been the driving force in our journey and the reason for our existence, thus, keeping an account of the same, we try giving it back with the reduced chemical and residue practices and using eco-friendly fertilizers which do not affect the environment on a large scale. We have incorporated various innovative pesticide management practices to lessen the ecological damage and through this we express our indebtedness to the environment.