Chairman’s Message

Ever since the beginning of our journey, if there’s one thing that Sopariwala India LLP has earned, it’s the unshakable trust of our patrons. We are committed to nurture this trust by continuing to provide highly customized solutions to our customers across the globe. We have not hired employees, but have gathered committed people who covet growth and deliver ‘Excellent Quality’ which has continued to be the benchmark for our performance. Assurance of discriminated deliverance has been our mission and we believe the years ahead will see us treading new ground, widening the spectrum and expanding our trade horizons even further.

We believe that the voice of our customers and the employees should be heard, thus, we consider all the valid suggestions and incorporate those for our better performance. We also are available to answer the smallest of your queries and look forward to hire the dedicated efficient young minds.

We invite you to browse our website and explore the range of products and the customized solutions that we offer to our global customers.

Dr. Abdul Kader Fazlani,
Chairman, Fazlani Group.