About Us

Our pride lies in the profound trust earned with our consistent performance since the inception of our journey in the year 1927. Under the aegis of Dr. Abdul Kader Fazlani, a pioneer and a highly respected veteran in the industry, we have tasted the triumphs as an undisputed market leader, for more than 8 decades. Spreading our wings across 75 countries, we have been serving an array of more than 30 tobacco products matching the tastes of the global clients and are India’s leading exporter of un-manufactured Leaf Tobacco.

Sowing the seeds of a modest family business in Central Mumbai in tobacco and related products with utmost passion and commitment, we progressed the business into one of the India’s largest Export House in tobacco and non-tobacco products. The Government of India recognized these achievements which earned us the status of a “Star Export House”, a status which is conferred on extremely few companies and is a measure of pride of achievement.

Today, we stand at the pinnacle of success by following our ethical standards while we expand globally. At the same time, we believe in being socially responsible by taking several initiatives for the underprivileged and implementing sustainable practices showing our gratitude to the environment.

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